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Additional Features

Site and Data Administration

System Administrator access to all data, players, teams, and league info. Simple menus allow for quick updates

League Console

An extra large version of the team console exists for the main league web site. This console will display the scoring, shooting, and penalty summaries for every team in the league. Like the team consoles, all data is live and updated automatically from the scorekeeper data.

Custom Consoles

Flash based consoles can be quickly swapped (one-click in Content Management area) for: Regular Season, Playoffs, Memorial Cup, and Off Season. Other custom consoles can be created as required. NOTE: Teams will not need to make any adjustments on their sites to swap consoles, all consoles are administered centrally.

Unique Stats

All statistical data is stored in the central database giving instant access to live stats never before available. Player and Goalie streaks by season, date range and "Career". Our statistical database model allows easy customization to display any required statistic.

Virtual Hockey Cards

Secured access will allow individual team to update player bios and photos whenever necessary. Stats for each player hockey card will be completely current and up-to-the-minute. Virtual hockey cards will be accessible directly from any stats page and will pop up an animated on screen graphic unique to every player and team.
Demo: St. Michaels Majors (Choose a player)

Pre-Game Media Kits

Full packages provided for the media and fans prior to every game. Available online in printable (and viewable) PDF format. These kits will include full rosters for both teams, Season stats for both teams, Past 10 game stats for both teams, Head to Head stats their last 5 (or 10) outings. Optional "Notes" area will allow team marketing staff to add customized information to each kit prior to game start.

Central Scouting

All scouting reports are stored centrally within the same database that holds the player statistics. This presents teams and scouts with unprecedented access to player information. Access is secured for the teams, league, and scouts.

Reserved Players

Track and manage reserved player lists. Sorted by team and by player.

Live Audio

Links on both the league and team consoles allowing fans to instantly tune in to audio for any game in the league.

Record Book

A complete online database of every record tracked by the league (playoffs and regular season). Unique features will include: Fastest Goals, Consecutive Shutout Periods, Consecutive points in periods, at home and away.